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DJ Equipment Repair & Electronic Repair in Maplewood, New Jersey

One Stop Repairs in Maplewood, New Jersey, is your one-stop-shop for electronic repair services. We offer computer, and DJ equipment repair, and offer free estimates.

Experience You Can Trust
For more than 45 years we have been offering the best service at a fair price. All repairs are completed on site within 3–5 days.

We will repair any brand of monitors, or home theater equipment. We also offer computer repairs, upgrades for laptops and desk tops, virus removal, and printer repairs.

Home Electronics and DJ Equipment
We will repair any type of home electronics no matter what the brand name.
Our services also include the repair of DJ equipment, including:
 • Mixers
 • Amplifiers
 • Speakers

 • Turntables
 • Receivers
 • CD Players

Miscellaneous Repairs
We will also repair other types of items, including:

 • Vintage Equipment
 • Tape Decks & VCRs
 • Lamps
 • Vacuums
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